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The weather extremes on the Nullarbor are quite incredible, mid 30’s and blue skies yesterday, wet, 15c and raining Kangaroos today… or at least it seemed that way.

Driving conditions for the first two hours were treacherous, not only did the rain reduce visibility, it resulted in a plague of Kangaroos drinking from roadside puddles. Each kangaroo unmoved until the very last moment, then bouncing away, usually in a predictable direction.

The result was a slow and tense 100km journey between Mundrabilla and Madura Pass and in anticipation of the same conditions elsewhere, a revised ETA and check in notification. Fortunately, after climbing Madura pass, the tablelands were much more benign and the extra 30 minutes allowed more time at rest stops.

I left Eucla with less than 20km in the batteries, Tuesday night the weather was turning and so I exchanged a recharge opportunity for a warm dry motel room. Combined with stop-start Skippy avoidance and a savage cross-wind, fuel consumption was over 8l/100km two hours into the trip. Credit to the PHEV, I selected eco mode, set the adaptive cruise control at 100kmh and after the 700km trip to Norseman consumption had returned to 7.3l/100km.

I’ve taken a little more time on the return journey, enough to enjoy the drive and do some sightseeing, whales in the Bight, magnificent landscapes and too many kangaroos. Here’s a couple of my holiday shots to share.

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